Tres Aguas was my first challenge off my comfort zone (music), they hired me as their Marketing Director.

· We created the first official web site for the shopping mall with user login

· I suggested and planned the opening of a second entrance, this saved an extra 400 meters walk for our clientes, gave more visibility to stores located on that side of the mall, and our name could be seen from another angle of the road.

· Through our panthnership with Chevrolet, I suggested and planed among other events in the shopping mall, the official presentation of the FIFA World Cup (4/5/2011).

· I suggested and planned the installation of Electric Cars charger. This step increased up to a 9% the average time spent in the shopping mall, we also reached a 7% more of clients with high income.

· We offered discount to the youth via thier favourite music genre radio stations.

· We created events with prize contest


It was a personal project without no sponsors or partners, so I was fully handed on it, from creating the logo, web site, video promo, poster, merchandising, social media content, choosing the venue, the line-up, negotiating with the artists, with the collaborators, creating a team, multimedia contents, creating the online promotion strategy and the off-line promotion.

Music has always been my teacher, everything I have learnt has always been through the music industry, although I have used the acquired knowledge in Fashion, Sports, Films… and Afrobeats Barcelona Festival, seems to be the final master class.

Due to the success of the festival, I took the most successful elements of the festival, and gave them a solo journey post festival. Now we have master classes done by the most talented dancers under the promotion of Afrobeats Barcelona Workshop, and I created a continuous weekly club session of Afrobeats in Barcelona


I started Dark Hood 14 years ago (2004) as a record label. Then I saw the need of covering all the steps an artist needed to release and promote their music, so I created Dark Hood Emporio to simplify the creating process of a music Artist.

· Dark Hood Films: We started with low cost clips and we end up: producing and being nominated for Films and Video clips, reaching more than 160 million views, and gaining a covenant with the Rey Juan Carlos University.

· Dark Hood E-Studio: A space we equipped for producing instrumentals, voice recording, mixing and mastering, photograph and Filming: more than 200 clips, +3000 songs…

· Dark Hood Management: I created a team to guide, search for opportunities and showcase the artist: our client Marlene Diva participated in Disney Film Frozen.

· Dark Hood Festival: Since some festivals wouldn’t showcase upcoming artists, I created Dark Hood Festival, mixing house hold names with our clients: we started in small halls and we took it to a 3000 hall capacity and sponsored by Ron Brugal.

· Other departments of Dark Hood Emporio created to simplify the creating process and needs of an artist were: Dark Hood Radio, Dark Hood Models, Dark Hood Design, Dark Hood Clothing…

· Dark Hood Africa: My last step with Dark Hood, was taking the brand to Africa, bridging Europe and Africa through Music and Entertainment. Now, Dark Hood Emporio reaches more than a million people via social network.


Arpa Medica was really a huge learning process, they hired me as a Marketing Director, but I ended up being the General Manager.

As the Marketing Director:

· I suggested and sketched out a new logo, Arpa Medica is very well known private clinic with link to the Spanish Royal Family, so I figured out a modern and classic new logo.

· I also suggested and sketched a new web site with a direct appointment service since my main future marketing plan was going to be via social media.

· With the new social media marketing plan, we increased the number of our clients up to 25%

· Before starting the new marketing plan, I had to restructure the interior and distribution of the departments of the clinic, since it was too classical and beautiful, but not functional.

As the General Manager:

· Dr. Palomo was very active as philanthropist, so I created the Fundacion Dr. Palomo, a suggestion I had previously as the Marketing Director.

· The ultimate plan of creating the Foundation, was to give visibility to the Doctor’s philanthropist actions in Africa and Central America, which could later help us open clinics in the visited countries, so we could continue the medical monitoring of all the previous operations done. A year later, we opened a Clinic in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Africa and in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America.

· During my months as the Marketing Director, I study the viability and drew a business plan of opening branches of the clinic in the periphery of the city, this allowed us to reach another target: the middle and low class.


One of the most awarded campaign I did for the clinic was FertilidadEspañ, It was a plan to make the clinic dominate the fertility sector in Spain ( making any possible patient of artificial reproduction, always associate the clinic to Fertility. The website wasn’t directed only to clinic, we involved a gym and a nutritional company, making a community dedicated to the fertility of the Spaniards. My intentions are to involve the Ministry of Health.


I created in 2012, a campaign for the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fishing, Food and Environment’s «Pezqueñines No» awareness campaign. I had the honour to have the Spanish acclaimed actor Luis Fernández De Eribe as my model for the campaign. I was awarded for the shot and the post production with «best creative idea» in Madrid.


I participated as one of the visual advisers of the launching of «Ladrón De Manzanas» a new cider by Heineken Spain.


During my 5 years at Hotel Wellington, I spent 4 of those 5 years as the Marketing Director of the Hotel’s wellness centre

· I suggested the expansion of the space dedicated to the wellness centre, from a 300 square meters to a 700 square meters.

· I suggested new activities like crossfit and hit training equipment

· I suggested the opening of a new door directly to the street, which allowed us to offer our wellness services to other clients not only our guest in the hotel.

· I suggested and participated in the negotiations of selling the wellness centre to an external company, but still offering the service to our guest, which was a huge success for the hotel.


One day, I sent a cooking post to my mother, from Instagram to to her Whatsapp, she founded it a little difficult to re-view the video and to send it to her friends, and then she asked me if i could send the video directly to her Whatsapp.

Then I saw the need of creating a viral video hub on Instagram, attached to a website, where you can directly download every video you want, to your phone.

We started from zero in March 2017, and I sold half of the company in June 2018 with 215,000 followers on Instagram and more than 30,000 monthly download.


The director and creator of «Terapia» approached me with this amazing script, he wanted me to participate as the executive producer and marketing director.

We took «Terapia» from the script level, to casting some Spanish top actors and actresses, we ended up shooting 12 pilot episodes starring: Beatriz Ayuso, Dario Frias, Nacho Lopez, Erika Sanz, Dafne Fernandez, Xavier Murua, Rebeca Moreno, Ismael Fritschi, Celine Tyll, Alex Muñoz, Isabel Pintor, Miriam Benoit, Marta Flich, Mario de la Rosa, Aitor Legardon, Pepe y Ainoha from Big Brother…, We promoted it online until we got the attention of major channels.

And then we sold the series to Spanish popular TV channel, Telecinco.


Jay Santos approached me with the intention of making his hit track «Caliente» go viral. So I made a storyboard with some elements of the moment like; Jersey Shore, Big Brother plus the typical reggaeton elements like tattoo, display of skin, dance, fire…

And we definitely went viral with more than 44 million views on his official channel, and more than 15 million views on other channels.

I was also in charge of the the online marketing of the video clip and also in charge of marketing his image. We went from 5000 followers on Instagram, to 156000, form 2000 followers on twitter, to 76000.


Guillermina Mekuy, Writer and ex minister of Culture and Tourism of Equatorial Guinea, wanted to re-brand her image, so she contacted me for the job.

· First off all, we had to contact some blogs about some past posts we thought that wasn’t in her favour

· Second step was to find an element of her personality that we thought it would be good to maximize on her social network

· We took her strong female personality as motivation and voice for other women, and that was admired by other females. We created posts and captions around that personality, and her social network went from none existing, to some great numbers

· The next step was to link her figure to some major trade marks that stood for the female voice like «Malne» on Madrid Fashion Week

· Due to Guillermina being a public figure, It was time to reach the press with this new identity, so we got her some interview on Vanity Fair and on some Spanish and international magazine, these steps leaded her to awards like being the God mother of some associations and titles from Foundation Dr. Palomo, Foundation Carlos III, Excellence Award EXIBED.


Alex Ayora approached me for the rebranding of his image. Although he was fully Spanish, his love for Michael Jackson, made him sang in English with an English artist name, but living in Spain.

· I suggested the change of his artist name, from AA Henchman to Alex Ayora, which would made him more appealing to the Latin market which was his target.

· I advised more Spanish (his native language) in his new album

· We did a new photo book with more Latin accessories in his clothing

· Then I scripted and directed his two new video clips, showcasing this new image on a more Latin environment.

· These steps made it easier for us to place him on festivals

· We followed up with radio tour

· His new songs were used as sound tracks of some TV series

· All these actions was enough excuse for him to get interviewed on some major magazines

· We presented Alex to a Coca Cola music contest which he won, and became popular nationwide and toured almost every TV station

· I now approached some other drink companies, offering Alex image and we signed a very good deal with Ron Negrita

· We also gained a sponsorship contract with Harley Davison

· Alex also performed on the Latin Billboard awards and on Madrid Fashion Week


Marlene Diva is my perfect presentation card of branding an artist.

Marlene Diva was the first artist signed to my record label Dark Hood, which was in 2004. She was a very shy singer with a great voice, I heard her singing in a birthday party and I knew the whole world would love to hear her voice 🙂 so I decided with my team, that she would be our first artist.

· The first step was to make her gain confidence, so I decided to make her a member of a band I newly signed after her, so it would be easier for her to start her live show journey.

· Although she was with the band on live stage, we also started recording various demo, that she could gradually start performing alone on those shows during the resting time of the band.

· After she gained a little bit of confidence (Marlene is still a little bit shy up till today) then I thought the best plan was covering *new popular songs. So I saw «No One» by Alicia Keys as the perfect song for her very first official release.

· «Nadie» by Marlene Diva, the Spanish version of «No One» became a massive hit . . .

· We had some high rotation on the radio to back it up

· We pushed her through magazines, newspaper… plus some organic appearance, with had more than 600 appearance on paper and online magazines between Europe and Africa.

· Then, we now planed a European tour, visiting 15 states in 4 countries.

· With almost a weekly release of a version of a popular new song, Marlene was always among the top 3 artist on the Spanish Myspace list.

· This drew the attention of the BBC radio and Marlene was interviewed on their radio station

· We presented Marlene to the Spanish basket Ball Federation and she was selected as the opening artist for the Europe Basket Tournament held in Spain.

· Marlene was now recognized by some major Spanish artists, and she was featured more than 500 times on tracks and on live shows by artists like: Raphael, Melendi, Marta Sánchez, Auryn, Soraya Arnelas, Pastora Soler, David Bustamante, Pitingo, Abraham Mateo, Belle Pérez, Mexican Choir, Imran, DE9 . . .

· Most popular TV programme like The Voice (Spain), TVE 1 Special Xmas programme, counted on Marlene to entertain thier audience.

· The cherry on the cake, was when Disney Spain, approached her to interpret 3 roles on their upcoming new film «Frozen», and Marlene delivered a great interpretation

· Marlene released her latest album in 2018 and we gained a million total streaming through all digital platforms in the first 3 months of the release . . .


Mariano Cruceta is a Spanish popular Flamenco dancer, who has toured the world twice and has successfully being directing his Flamenco dancing school since 1998.

Mariano approached me with the idea of launching an album titled «La Noche Escondida» which was still on recording process with his newly created band called Electrolé. He’s plans were crowdfunding the project since that would be the best way of involving his dancing fans in his new musical project.

· I created and directed the crowdfunding of «La Noche Escondida» reaching the total sum of 9133€

· I was among the musical advisers of the last creating process of the album

· I suggested the need of a godfather figure of the project, and we convinced Antonio Canales, one of the most popular Spanish Flamenco dancer.

· I suggested, created and directed the corporate identity of Electrolé, using the é which can easily be associated to Spain (España), making the logo look very familiar and friendly to our target, the Spanish people.

· I was among the visual advisers for the packaging of the album

· I created the storyboard, directed and edited the video clip «Electrolé»

· I also leaded the team in charge of the social networks

· Electrolé drew a lot of attention, and we toured the country of Colombia and  some other Spanish cities, before doing the official presentation to a 2000 seat sold out crowd in the Rialto Theatre located at the Gran via (major street) of Madrid.


Dowty was never signed to Dark Hood, since he was my business partner as the co-owner of the record label, but I had the honour to follow and guide him through his musical career, it was a team of two but actually we were one.

· Dowty was based in Madrid, but his target was the UK and the US since he sang and rapped in English, so our main initial tool was Myspace.

· From the selection of the instrumentals, the lyrics, to the songs to be released, artworks and when they should be released, I participated directly and I was his adviser, also his stylist 🙂

· We started releasing short tracks almost on a daily basis just to show Dowty’s potential and to create a fan base. Dowty’s followers increased to 40k in less than 3 months and was always on the top 3 of Myspce rap list.

· This drew the attention of other artist based in the US and in the UK, and Dowty was featured on more than 300 tracks, artist like Drake followed him back then, and he was featured by artist like 50 cent, Jay rock, Dj Vlad, Dj Rob e Rob and N- Dubz (UK)

· I used all this actions to place Dowty on every local National blog and news media in Spain, so he could be seen from the outside as the major Rap artist in Spain.

· He was constantly on blogs in the US, like, as the future of Hip Hop in and outside the States… and producers like, Rob e Rob, Nu Jerzey Devil (The Game’s)… had Dowty on their mixtapes

· Dowty then released his first solo album «Bad Times» and the album was ranked top 200 on the Billboard list.


Mario de la Rosa knew his talent and his plan was very clear, use it. So he approached me for branding advice.

· We placed him on unknown but good quality series that was willing to give him a major role

· We also placed him on independent films that was willing to show his talent alongside other major actors

· His social media followers grew up by relevant post, hashtags and showcasing all his adventures with other popular actors

· After all the hard work by Mario, he gained a major role on Netflix’s «La Casa de Papel», a series that was awarded with an Emmy.


DE9 is my last artist branding, and we started everything from scratch. Although DE9 wasn’t new in the musical scene, he decided he wanted to start all over again after a successful 10 years musical career as Dowty.

· I advised the name and created the logo

· Since he was moving from Rap to Pop / Neo Soul / Afrobeats, we drew a strategy of releasing singles without a video clips, so he could see the acceptance of his new music, grew a new fan base, and also he could gain time to adapt himself to this new culture, and plan the right visuals for his new expressions.

· So I suggested, created or creatively directed lyrics videos for all the released audio so it would looked more entertaining.

· I also advised from the instrumentals selection, lyrics to the songs and order of releasing, I also participated in the recordings and mixing of the songs and upcoming album

· I entirely directed the art direction of all his visuals, photos, social media post and I also participated as his stylist

· The marketing and communication of DE9 was a little bit complicated at the beginning. I had to make new contacts and i had to study the reaction of his new target

· In less than 4 years, we went from 0 to more than 10 million views in all social media platform, more than 400.000 followers and more than a 1000 mentions / links on google

· We made his hit track «Homeboy» went viral


I participated through Dark Hood Models on the initial branding and exposure of Slenka as a model. Today, she has cat walked in Madrid Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week for the major clothing firms.


Due to my martial arts background, I started an internal martial art school directed to a much selected target. But after some months, I saw there was a very important side of my martial arts journey that could be useful business wise, and these was all I learnt  from various professional from different departments during the preparation and conditioning of my body for my competitions. So I created a department directed to the conditioning of clients that was facing obesity.

I started by rebranding the company’s visual identity

Then I built a team of various specialists (Personal Coaches, Running Coach, Boxing Coach, Martial Art Coach, Dietitian, Massage Therapist, Check-up Clinic, and Sport Doctor)

After calculating the cost of this special training, then I tried to locate my new target

So apart from the social networks, I did adverts on 4 and 5 stars hotels, and placed or gave flyers or some special shopping mall

I also partnered with some 4 and 5 stars hotels where this 21 days treatment would take place.

In our first year, we made 120.000€ income


I participated through Dark Hood Models and Dark Hood Films on the initial branding and exposure of Berta Vasquez as a model and actress. Today, she is one of the Spanish most popular actress.


I participated through Dark Hood Models and Dark Hood Films on the initial branding and exposure of Zuleica Eliana as a model. Today, she has cat walked in every important European Fashion Week, and she is the face of fashion and beauty trademarks like: Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, Dior, Ralph & Russo, Lanvin, Giorgio Armani, Gua Pei, Krys Audition, Jean Paul Gaultier . . .


During these years as a Creative Director, Marketing and Branding Adviser, I have created or participated in other projects or with personalities like: Womangole, Skarlett, Mi Unica Boda, Invictux Training, Carchichauto, Hotel Wellington, Brutal Box, Gangstas House Music, Hip Hop Nation, Santander, Evolution Fm, Ayuntamiento Vinaros, Ayuntamiento de Alcorcon, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Sony BMG, Brugal, EMI, BBC, La VOZ, Telecinco, Ron Negrita, Warner Music, Gospel Factory, Erika sanz, Miguel Mba Obiang, Nayanesh, Prince Osito, Celtas Cortos, Dafne Fernandez, Pepe and Ainoha (Big Brother), Agustin Nze Nfumu . . .